Exploring the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Scheme


Turkey is a good option for investors who want to invest in order to gain citizenship. This is due to the fact that Turkey provides a great chance for investors to get Turkish citizenship. Before you proceed with the Turkish citizenship by investment program, you should understand all of the processes involved. Then you will never be perplexed as you move on. Continue reading to learn more on Turkish citizenship by investment scheme.

  • Get the tax identification number

To begin, you need get your Turkish tax identification number. It is feasible for you to utilize your original passport, which you may obtain from any of Turkey’s tax offices.

  • Open your bank account

After you’ve obtained your Turkish tax registration number, you’ll need to create a Turkish bank account. To open the bank account, you will need to present an official document that proves your residence. This may easily be done using a utility bill that you already have.

  • Locate a property to buy

Now that you’ve completed the foundational work, you can focus on finding a home in Turkey that you can purchase. There are a number of websites that advertise properties for sale around the country. You can go through the listings on such websites. This is where you may find a bargain that precisely suits your requirements. You will have the option of purchasing a single item or many units at the same time. All you have to do is make sure your investment is at least $250,000. This is a must to go ahead with Turkish citizenship by investment scheme.

  • Buy the property

You may purchase property in Turkey once you’ve found it. The payment will have to be made by bank transfer. Then you’ll be able to receive a receipt for it. You should also make sure that the state has a Notarized Sales Contract or Title Deed Registry where you affirm that you will not sell the property during three years of the purchase date. You will be allowed to sell it when the three-year period has passed.

  • Get the certificate of compliance

As a following step, you’ll need to get a certificate of compliance. You can acquire a certificate of compliance by submitting the official value survey along with the bank transfer receipt to the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

  •  Apply for residence

You will be eligible to apply for Turkish residence as soon as you have the certificate of compliance. This is something you’ll have to accomplish at the Directorate General of Migration Management. Make sure you provide all of the needed papers to reduce your chances of being rejected.

  • Apply for citizenship

The next step of Turkish citizenship by investment scheme would be to seek for citizenship in Turkey. You can also do so by going to Turkey’s Migration Management Department. You’ll also have to supply certain papers for this.